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Great service, great software.

For over 30 years, Workhorse has been providing high quality solutions for Wisconsin municipalities.
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  • Designed specifically for Wisconsin municipalities
  • Comprehensive, yet reasonably priced
  • Prices INCLUDE flexible installation and training
  • Easy to understand help screens
  • Committed to outstanding service and support
  • Operates in either a stand-alone or network environment
  • Currently in use by over 290 municipalities


I am a new user of Workhorse; I have been blessed to have the assistance of this program and staff for a little over a year. Being in a small office, I don’t have anyone to turn to if I have a question, so having the Team at Workhorse there to answer my questions is amazing! When I call them with a question, they call me back in such a short time I never feel like I am alone. They specifically ask if it’s a good time for me to talk when they return my call. Helpful, caring, considerate that’s the Workhorse staff, they always make me feel like I come first. I know I can count on them to be there for me!

Becky Blossfeld
Secretary/Treasurer - Mercer Sanitary District #1

What We Offer

Municipal Accounting

A complete fund accounting system, designed using the Uniform Chart of Accounts for Wisconsin Municipalities.

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Utility Billing

A flexible, fully automated process, from meter readings through entering cash receipts.

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Municipal Payroll

Automate all the steps in your payroll process, from entering time cards through distributing fringe benefits across wage categories.

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Special Assessments

Designed to help you keep track of multiple public works projects assessed against many individual property parcels.

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Utility Inventory

A complete system for maintaining the various parts of your utility distribution / collection system.

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Fixed Asset Information Management

Easy entry of all fixed asset information, including additions, transfers, and disposals.

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Miscellaneous Billing

Designed to provide billing and receipt capabilities for all municipal charges other than utility charges - fully integrated with our Municipal Accounting system.

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Replacing the need for "paper" receipt books, our Receipting system allows you to easily enter and print customers’ receipts.

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Cemetery Information Management

Easily save, report and search grave site information, and record and track grave site payments.

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